Brand guidelines


Citrix Brand Hub

Custom-built. Editable. Beautiful. Partnering with South Bend Design, we created a WordPress site to securely deliver guidelines and assets to 8,000 employees.

Studio Matson was responsible for the site content (copy, exhibits), with the goal of accurately interpreting the brand system created by Athletics.

Autodesk playbooks and guidelines

The in-house brand team created the design systems. We stepped up to execute the guidelines and templates for event planners around the world. Serious production.

UCSF guidelines

Even a beautiful brand requires ongoing upkeep. In addition to updating the main guidelines, we designed new sub-guidelines for editorial style and video.

10x Genomics color palette guideline

Color is tricky. We took the internal team’s palette and translated it to print- and digital-ready formulas, plus made ASE palettes for Pantone, CMYK, and RGB. Then we wrote and designed this beautiful guideline.