Asset production
Asset Management.F

Corporate PowerPoint templates

Our PowerPoint templates are a marriage of functionality and brand design. We understand that they are used daily by many employees, so we strive to make them as user-friendly as possible. And we add succinct instructional copy as well.

Collateral templates

We make it easy to deliver the right content at the right moment for your customers. Our well-designed templates help internal teams and other agencies create awesome, on-brand e-books, flyers, white papers, case studies, and more.

Logo versioning

For us, Adobe Illustrator is a production tool as much as a design tool. We’re skilled at designing logo versions with the finest detail, then iterating in the all the colors, formats, and sizes you may need. For a UCSF brand update, we made more than 350 individual logo files!

Searchable asset libraries

These illustration and icon libraries were custom built for the Citrix Brand Hub—from prepping and organizing all the individual assets, to designing and coding the interface on a WordPress platform.

Created in partnership with our friends at South Bend Design. We were also honored to source and manage the development of these illustrations, working with illustrator Joseph Carrington.