Design execution

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Rebrand initiatives

Rebrands happen. And now you need to update everything! Project management and clear processes are key.

  • A new hospital needs compliance posters, patient brochures, and much more. We designed and produced it all for Sutter: 60 main pieces, each translated into two to five languages.

  • After MUFG bought Union Bank, we ensured that 40 pieces adhered to the new brand and met compliance. We are ace proofreaders!

  • When a brand undergoes big changes—like gaining more white space—rebrands can require total rethinking. We gave 30 Citrix e-books, white papers, solution briefs, and data sheets a complete overhaul.

Human resources materials

We love the challenge of working within a brand system to address different audiences. For Citrix, we started with the e-book template we had created for customer materials, and evolved it into an upbeat recruiting piece to appeal to young professionals. For Sutter Health, we created an onboarding kit tailored to new executives and their hiring managers, a brochure to support care providers, and payroll notices going out to the entire workforce.

Sales support materials

Clarity is essential when it comes to supporting your sales force or partner sellers—whether it’s bottom-line information about subscription pricing, retailer kits with pre-designed ads, or industry reports for executives. We make sure copy and design unite to deliver crucial information.

Long-form booklets

These print pieces for Sutter Health demonstrate our expertise with long-form materials. Before starting the design phase, we organized and rewrote/edited raw content provided by the client. Our deep understanding of the production process makes these large projects go smoothly—and provides a beautiful product in hand.

Annual reports

We partnered with the Citrix annual report team to create the cover and “front of book” elements—CEO letter, ESG report, and key financial graphics. Our production prowess kept things tight through multiple rounds of copyediting and nitpicky proofreading.